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I enjoyed every minute I spent for our Blockchain project. Finally we will be able to deliver a true solution for players in international supply chain.

It has been a brainstorming year with less than 4 hours sleeping every single night. I believe our solution has all functions to facilitate international trade.

I never imagined I would work in a Blockchain project with no fund raising. It’s been a great learning curve for my team and I am no exception.

Zac Palmer LAPORTE, Chain & Chain Tech. Ltd.

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What you should know

Blockchain Trade Platform is using OpenSource Hyperledger Fabric. BTP is designed to run on any BaaS provider environment. BTP is not governed by a particular entity, instead it uses a governance model based on smart contracts, defined together with the participants. Any 3rd party can develop a distributed application (Dapp) to run on BTP for their own value added services. The governance model defines the rules of approval for Dapps before they are deployed on BTP.

Governance models are the key factors of Blockchain based system and they define procedures of endorsements for creating trusted single point of truth data. Governance model also ensures data privacy is achieved at a desired level by the data owners. BTP is designed to use and run on a transparent and neutral governance model for all parties, those have roles in cross-border trade.

As scalability is one of main concerns for Blockchain projects, BTP’s scalability factors are calculated over current Turkish Foreign Trade stats through precisely measured number of transactions and queries per participant type, data sizes, asset update ratio etc. The TPS planning is made to maintain a scalable platform when the number of shipments increase after onboarding global actors as well.

Why Blockchain Trade Platform?

Single Point of Truth

A single point of truth is the key for all parties to act and track shipments and status of the shipped goods. BTP provides a single point of truth for all parties to share and use data for international trade. This feature provides easy data management and integration. BTP uses internationally recognized data standards and formats for easy integration. All parties can benefit using the same data elements for a particular shipment to avoid manual data entry and human error.

Paperless Trade

Our tool integrates into ERP systems of the traders and service providers, pulls required data from their systems to generate paperwork required for cross-border trade and records these documents into the trade channel’s ledger. These digital documents can then be pushed into systems of authorities for endorsement & processing. This eliminates the need for use of paper documents ad cuts the costs of generating and circulating paperwork.

End to End Visibility

Because all parties of the supply chain in a particular trade channel are integrated to the platform, all event updates are automatically fed and recorded on the trade channel’s ledger. Pre-designed smart contracts handle the business logic, agreed between the parties, and goods go through the required steps in accordance with the designed business logic and international trade legislation in place. Thus a full visibility and a true KPI management is achieved for importers and exporters.

Trade Compliance

Trade compliance is one of the most challenging factors for cross-border traders. Having to know what documents are required in what format, labeling requirements, using special marks and many other technical requirements has to be met ideally before the goods are shipped. BTP’s trade compliance module provides answers to most of these challenges and makes traders aware of specific requirements for traded goods. The module works on item level and a master database with defined HS Codes per item code at the time of onboarding.

Risk Management

Risk management is important for both traders and customs authorities. If your company is holding an AEO or other similar trusted trader scheme, it is critical to manage your cross-border trade risks in most efficient way to keep your status. Customs authorities are spending twice as much the value they would charge for import duties for their controls. The best solution would be to utilize their resources in more risky shipments. BTP provides perfect risk management solutions to customs authorities to achieve a solution for that purpose.

Reduced Costs

The main avoidable costs of an international supply chain comes from longer waiting times at any stage of cross-border movement of the goods. A fully integrated platform solution may reduce these lead times significantly as it will be visible where the bottlenecks are and corrections can be implemented through smart contracts. Another cost factor is the amount of time spent to prepare documentation and being have to circulate them between the parties. Blockchain Trade Platform aims to reduce these costs using Blockchain technology.

Latest updates

BTP Production Stage Workshop in London

April 29th, 2019|

BTP developers gathered together with IBM Blockchain Experts once again in IBM London Garage to work on production stage steps. Final decisions are being made with best practices available after recent developments on Hyperledger Fabric.

Blockchain Turkey Platform Releases First Series of Reports

April 17th, 2019|

Blockchain Turkey Platform, BCTR, released the first reports of their working groups. Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation Working Group's report focuses on current challenges of supply chain and draws a framework to tackle most common problems [...]

BTP Collaborates with BlockchainIST Center

February 19th, 2019|

Blockchain Trade Platform, BTP, collaborated with the first certified Blockchain Research Center, BlockchainIST, of University of Bahcesehir. Both parties aim to exchange their knowledge base and best practices on Blockchain use cases. While BTP Team [...]

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