Immutable, transparent, trusted and paperless international trade

BTP provides a trusted business environment for all actors in the international supply chain. Using the data directly from the authorized sources and generating supply chain documents over the data makes paperless trade possible.

Blockchain Trade Platform provides easy access to all supply chain actors. Suppliers, exporters, warehouse operators, international and inland transporters, banks, insurance companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders, chambers of commerce, customs authorities, port authorities and importers can be a part of the BTP’s trade channels, created per supply chain business model.

Easy integration using common data standards or tailored data integration solutions are offered for a hassle-free start-up.

BTP is a common neutral platform for everyone’s use and provides complete data privacy and a desired level of transparency depending on the business model, that brings the parties together in a trade channel.

While data integration and exchange of the data is significantly important, BTP also provides secure document storage for PDF or similar document exchange for parties, those do not have data exchange capabilities.

BTP optimizes the international trade business model in use, by going through the current circumstances and offering tailored solutions for each party. When a consensus is reached between parties, smart contracts are created and deployed to the trade channel so that BTP can start monitoring and reporting back by its automated procedure handling.

BTP provides timely warnings and suggestions to the parties, giving them a chance to comply with country specific international trade requirements.

BTP significantly reduces the workload on all parties through its business logic and makes a true digital paperless trade possible.

Because BTP provides an immutable single point of truth, administrative burden on dispute management and handling is reduced and a true and efficient risk management is made possible for both trusted traders and customs authorities.

Paperless trade reduces the cost of document preparation, handling and verification. It also reduces the costs, those occur from traditional document exchange.

Using IBM Blockchain Platform’s unique user friendly and robust blockchain services on enterprise level, BTP provides flexible scalability, required by businesses of different type and sizes.

BTP provides a true and real-time KPI management and reporting options to evaluate and optimize provided logistics and customs services. The businesses can benefit from automated contract-based feedbacks and can expand their requirements with future use of artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) and data analytics. Tracking devices and methods based on technologies like RFID can also easily be integrated into BTP.

Any size of business can now be a truly trusted trader through BTP’s functions and gain competitive advantages of secure, optimized, paperless and compliant trading.

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